Dardan share how we tackle stress for International Stress Awareness Week

Every year, International Stress Awareness Week raises awareness for stress-related mental health issues, including the stigma preventing people’s recovery. This week runs from 1st to 5th November and we approached it a little differently this year.

We asked our people to share one photo that shows what mental wellbeing is to them and how they prevent or manage stress.

From virtual turkey wars with our Head of HR, Rita Golovina to Beaker from The Muppets which was painted by Phil Anthony’s daughter, we’ve seen it all.

Ian Macfarlane, Contract Support Manager said “I have 2 children and love to spend time with them when I am off. I find when I am walking or cycling this gives me a lot of time to speak to them on a one-to-one basis. This I find very relaxing especially when biking off road”

Our message for this important week was simple, whatever way you choose to relax and decompress, make it a priority because above all else, your mental health matters.