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Bristow Helicopters offers transportation, search and rescue, maintenance and training, to government and civil organisations worldwide and operate a fleet of 450 plus helicopters and aircraft.

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Their location at Aberdeen airport manages a record number of passengers working offshore in the UK North Sea.

Aberdeen Airport operates 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year with a passenger count of approximately 3.5 million per year.  The airport is also home to a number of independent flight operators.

Scope of Service

Dardan is a Department of Transport approved contractor for aviation security and has provided a coordinated security solution for Bristow Helicopters for the safe movement of passengers travelling offshore and other manned security services outside of operational hours since 1991.

The contract provision is continuous manned security comprising 1056 hours of cover per week supported by a team of over 20 Security Officers with associated Supervisors, all trained to Ground Security Officer Level 1 and 2 and in National X-Ray Competency Testing (NXCT).  

The core team is supported by a pool of Operational Support Officers, all trained in line with the contract requirements, to provide additional cover as required.

A dedicated Contracts Manager is based at the heliport to oversee the day-to day operations and reports into Dardan’s Head of Aviation and Specialist Services

We also have a Dog Handler based at the terminal who is part of the core team and who also performs the general security role within the terminal. This is a NASDU registered and trained team which focuses on the detection of Drugs (Proactive).

For passengers travelling offshore on both rotary and fixed wing aircraft, Dardan manages all aspects of the check-in process from ID checks through to screening and specialist searches such as passenger and baggage search by hand, searches using X-ray equipment, Explosive Trace Detection as well as carrying out breathalyser testing and drug detection dog searches. They also support the delivery and safe execution of Emergency procedures and plans within the terminal.

Additional manned guarding duties comprise access and egress to site, including access airside, security pass checks, issue of ID cards, key issue, out of hours switchboard support, incident reporting, CCTV monitoring and patrols of multiple buildings including extensive office suite, training school, hangars and warehouses containing extremely high value equipment and housing staff working around the clock.  Facility and vehicle searches are also carried out on a regular basis.

All training has been developed and delivered by Dardan’s in-house management team.

Added Value and Contract Innovations

A review of existing and anticipated business levels for the client allowed Dardan to accurately forecast passenger numbers who would be passing through the terminal.

This was followed by a multi-skilling exercise of all staff to the same standard to enhance capability of all team members to perform all functions and cover all posts, resulting in a significant cost saving to the client. 

A further review was carried out on the equipment used to perform some of the duties to ensure the life could be extended without detriment to the service. This in turn reduced depreciation costs for the client, avoiding additional capital expenditure.

In partnership with Bristow, we have also invested in equipment on the premises, in the form of X-Ray devices and Walk-through Metal Detectors (WTMD).

Our Head of Aviation and Specialist Services is a former Police Officer and is an expert in Counter Terrorism and Hostage & Crisis Negotiation. He has supported the Aberdeen operations for Dardan since January 2017, and will continue to do so. He is also a trained Department for Transport (DfT) and accredited Aviation Security Manager (ASM Level 3) and continues to advise on security measures across the board.

The Dardan service continues to develop in line with the requirements of Bristow, with the aspirational to continually improve and exceed expectations of Bristow and their clients.

If you're interested in how Dardan can design a tailor-made security solution for your business in whatever sector, do get in touch.


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