Babraham Bioscience Technologies

Babraham Bioscience Technologies (BBT) manages, operates and develops the Babraham Research Campus, supporting and promoting the regional and UK Bioscience ecosystem.

BBT has responsibility for the administration and commercial development of the site for the benefit of all the tenants including the Babraham Institute.

The Babraham Research Campus is considered to be the UK’s leading campus to support early-stage bioscience enterprise and is home to the Babraham Institute and over 60 tenant life science companies occupying R&D facilities, a grade II listed building and biological support units.

Across all of the facilities, there are close to 1200 staff, students and visitors on-site at any one time.

The Challenges

As the UK’s leading research facility and the nature of the work carried out, security is of paramount importance.  The remit was for increased security measures whilst ensuring the safety of the persons working on-site; the working patterns at the campus vary and staff may be on-site any time of the day or night.

Excellent customer service is vital to BBT and with a reception based Security Officer required as part of the service provision, excellent communication skills, and a customer-focused approach was essential for the success of the role.

BBT also required additional resources on an ad-hoc basis to support short-notice VIP visits and to assist in the event of an emergency situation, and, on occasion, to deter unwanted interest from protestors and activists.

Our Solution

Dardan proposed and coordinated a security solution to protect the campus from intrusion, theft and the repercussions of protest whilst offering a reassuring presence to support the on-site staff.

A key part of this solution was to recruit a dedicated team of diverse and multi-skilled Officers who would fit seamlessly into the culture of the Institute. This was achieved by working closely with BBT throughout the recruitment process.

Bespoke training plans were prepared for all Officers including customer service to NVQ Level 2 and protest management. Training on Good Laboratory Practices was also provided in order to assist with routine checks of the laboratories to ensure research equipment is functioning, stored properly and is at the correct temperature. Over the course of the contract, additional training modules have been introduced to further enhance security and safety on site.

To support ad-hoc and short notice requests, a team of operational support staff was trained in line with the contract requirements and these Officers are also available to support the core team during planned or unplanned absences.

The contract is overseen by our Head of Operations and Support Services and day-to-day management of the service is provided by a dedicated, locally based, Contracts Manager.
Dardan has held this high profile contract since 2015 and was successful in retaining the service during a re-tender process in 2017.