Notting Dale Campus

Playing host to the headquarters of such iconic brands as Stella McCartney and Monsoon, Notting Dale Campus is an architecturally unique creative and commercial space comprised of nine buildings and a central sculpture park. It’s home to several large organisations, art galleries, and design studios.

Dardan has been working in partnership with property managerSavills on the site since 2019, initially supplying manned guarding services. Our remit has since grown – we are now the only physical security provider on the campus.

The Challenge

Designed to be the home of great brands, to inspire creativity, and foster a culture where work–life balance is paramount, Notting Dale Campus is so much more than a business park. It’s an environment where every experience needs to deliver an impact.

The site’s eclectic nature and cross-building set-up are what make it both unique and a security challenge. From disparate buildings and concept to construction site and fully realised space, Dardan has embraced that challenge head-on, adapting and upscaling our offering as required.

Our dedicated team works round the clock to protect the premises, enabling business to flourish and safeguarding the people who work and visit there. We never forget the importance of providing a consistent customer journey and a great experience.

Our Approach

Notting Dale Campus is a complex set-up and as a result required an out-of-the-box approach to match the unique nature of its residents.

Through collaboration with Savills and our stakeholders, we championed a tiered operational design that would work hand-in-hand with the security and commercial strategy for the site and built a solid foundation for delivery.

We introduced a dedicated site manager and restructured existing roles. After mounting a massive external recruitment campaign, we up-skilled our new and current colleagues within a limited time frame. We also implemented our real-time reporting system.

Our Impact

With just four weeks from acceptance of concept to mobilisation, our optimised operating model went live in 2020. Despite the onset and challenges posed by Covid-19, the ROI demonstrated, alongside our conscious client-focused strategy, meant we were awarded an additional building. We went from being a tier 1 service provider to a trusted partner for Notting Dale Campus.

  • Dardan’s security and concierge officers are visual brand ambassadors who deliver a seamless guest experience, while still protecting property and people.
  • Our onsite contract management and hands-on strategic account management provide focused support for the client.
  • While constantly seeking new ways to add value and improve efficiency, we use an intelligence-led approach to guide continuous improvement.
  • The voice of the customer is at the heart of our culture, driving our team to deliver value wherever we can.