Peel Ports Group

As one of the UK’s Largest port operators, Peel Ports has been focused on delivering transport and handling solutions for over 300 years. The Peel Ports Group has 7 ports around the country and works with both national and international companies. Their vision is to create secure, sustainable environments where people and businesses can flourish. Dardan Security is privileged to protect two of their ports, both at Medway, Kent and Great Yarmouth, Norfolk.

The Challenge

With both Peel Ports Medway and Great Yarmouth, they are multi-purpose ports and experienced in handling a huge array of services and markets. Accommodating large vessels, goods and services, port security is crucial.

With a demanding environment and complete oversight over its geography and facility infrastructure, highly trained security officers are needed. Each officer needs to have a committed and thorough knowledge of the site’s workings, requirements, and safety procedures.

Our Approach

With over 40 years of experience in delivering security solutions within diverse and challenging environments and for Critical National Infrastructure (CNI) sites, we were able to provide a coordinated solution with Peel Ports.

Recruiting and training a dedicated team of knowledgeable security officers, supported by our 24/7 control room was paramount along with ensuring that the detailed processes were followed to the letter.

Implementing of our own operational and real-time reporting system, to ensure consistent and regulated workflows to ensure the completion and auditing of site-specific tasks, created in conjunction with Peel Ports.

Our Impact

With the port at Great Yarmouth employing Dardan Security since 2012 and awarded the contract for Medway in October 2018 we continue to provide reliable security services to exceptional standards.

  • Increased confidence in safety and security of their assets.
  • Monthly management, KPI, compliance and satisfaction reports to ensure professional support.
  • Relationship with CSSC and law enforcement keeps Dardan ahead of industry knowledge and trends to mitigate risk and further protect the site.