Peel Ports Group

As one of the UK’s Largest port operators, Peel Ports has been delivering transport and handling solutions for over 300 years. It operates seven strategically situated ports around the UK and partners with a host of national and international organisations. Its vision is to create secure, sustainable environments where people and businesses can flourish.

The Challenge

In 2012 and 2018 respectively, Peel Ports was looking to engage port security specialists at Great Yarmouth in Norfolk. A multi-purpose port experienced in handling a huge array of goods and services, and accommodating large vessels. This demanding environment requires highly skilled security officers with excellent knowledge and insight into the ports’ workings, requirements, and safety procedures.

Our Approach

With over 50 years’ experience delivering security solutions within diverse and challenging environments and for Critical National Infrastructure sites, Dardan was able to work with Peel Ports to provide a coordinated solution. This included recruiting and training a dedicated team of security officers and implementing our own real-time reporting system, to ensure consistent and regulated workflows, and efficient auditing of site-specific tasks.

Our Impact

Our reliable security services, sector expertise, and exceptional standards saw us grow our business with Peel Ports from one site to two in just four years, cementing their satisfaction with our partnership.

  • We’ve increased confidence in safety and security of Peel Ports’ assets.
  • Our monthly management, KPI, compliance, and satisfaction reports ensure there’s always adequate professional support.
  • Our relationship with Cross-Sector Security Communications and law enforcement keeps Dardan on top of industry trends and developments, helping us mitigate risk and put future-proofed protections in place.