Perenco UK

Bacton and Dimlington Gas Terminals

Founded in 1975, Perenco has become the leading independent oil and gas company in Europe, with an onshore and offshore presence in 14 countries. A major operator in the North Sea, Perenco processes almost 15 per cent of the UK’s national gas production. It runs a network of more than 2,400 kilometres of pipeline, 45 offshore platforms, and 14 subsea wells which connect two onshore gas terminals: Bacton and Dimlington.

The Challenge

Bacton and Dimlington onshore gas terminals are Critical National Infrastructure sites supported by the Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure. That means when it comes to security, they’re requiredto meet exacting standards and have comprehensive solutions and practices in place.

To achieve this, Perenco needed a security provider to work in close partnership with the Ministry of Defence (MOD) police stationed at both sites. The provider would need a high level of onsite experience as well as management and specialisms to facilitate exercises and liaise with the sites’ various stakeholders.

Our Approach

Our 32-year relationship, has seen the evolution of a comprehensive and rigorous security solution for both sites. The extensive provision includes access control, baggage and vehicle searching, mail screening, drug dog detection, and internal patrols.

We provide bespoke training to Perenco staff and our own security officers around counterterrorism, hostile reconnaissance, and digital security. We’ve also built successful relationships with local law enforcement and the MOD police, and liaise with other stakeholders onsite to provide a seamless strategic solution.

Our Impact

Dardan has kept Bacton secure since 1988, working in partnership with Perenco, Shell, and the MOD. This longstanding relationship and its results led to the awarding of a contract at Dimlington in 2015.

  • We secure Bacton, Dimlington, Perenco’s Norwich office complex, its Norwich Airport heliport, and courier service.
  • We are now an appointed advisor, charged with responding to and delivering on any security matter at the terminals.
  • We’re also part of the working group to drive continuous improvement at the sites.