Cross sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC)

The Cross sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC) was founded in June 2011 by a team of senior security experts, with the aim of building a platform to facilitate communications between private and public sector on issues surrounding security and business resilience.

The initial focus of CSSC was to help businesses prepare for the lead up to, during and post the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The project was formed on a partnership basis between law enforcement, government departments and nearly every sector that operates in the capital and beyond. Industry Sector Leads (ISLs) were identified for each industry, with a remit to participate in briefing calls and events, and disseminate appropriate messaging conveying “one single truth” to their networks. This helps companies prepare for scenarios ranging from cybercrime and transportation issues to hostile reconnaissance and security alert.

Dardan Security are proud to be involved in such a pivotal organisation in the UK security network, acting as the regional hub and cascading mechanism for security messaging across the East of England. Chaired by our Strategic Adviser Guy Mathias and managed by our IT and Security Operations Manager.