15 Mar 2017

Dardan are pleased to support NaCTSO initiative on new campaign to protect the public

On Monday 6th March National Counter Terrorism Policing launched a new national counter terrorism awareness campaign focusing on the critical role that the public and businesses can play in defeating terrorism.
The campaign will be the first under a new branding platform; ACT: Action Counters Terrorism.  
This is a powerful new tool to bring all counter terrorism campaigns under one banner. It urges anyone to act on their instincts and report suspicious activity to the police to help keep communities safe. It also provides useful information and further links in relation to the ongoing effort to proactively tackle the threat of Terrorism in the UK.
To find out more information, access podcasts, short films and other materials, please visit the following link: http://www.gov.uk/ACT
The Dardan Security lead for Counter Terrorism: Ross McDermott, is keen to ensure that we work together to PREPARE ourselves, PROTECT our people and assets and those of our communities, PREVENT the use of channels to condition people into extremist behaviour and support the Police in PURSUING offenders.  
This is all in line with the Government’s overarching CONTEST Strategy. As such, Ross will post regular updates on this and other areas relevant to ACT for our key clients and contacts.
Dardan can provide security advice, consultancy and holistic solutions for your organisation.  They deliver Project Griffin events, endorsed by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office (NaCTSO) to enhance awareness and commitment to support the Police and Security Services in ensuring that you and your organisations have the information and tools that you require to mitigate and manage risk. 
For enquiries on any of these matters, please contact us on 01603 732200 or enquiries@dardansecurity.co.uk


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