28 Mar 2017

Dardan Security's key messages following Westminster terrorist attack on 22 March 2017

The Dardan Security team are all deeply saddened by the terrible news of the attack in London on Wednesday 22nd March 2017 and wish to pass on that our thoughts are with anyone effected by this horrific act of Terror.

Ross McDermott, DARDAN’s Head of Aviation and Specialist Services for the company, who manages Counter Terrorism Security Co-ordination; is keen to ensure that all industries and sectors work with the Police and Security Services and pull together to deny Terrorists the opportunity to carry out such atrocities.

We are aware that the Threat level to the UK from international Terrorism remains at SEVERE (an attack is highly likely), and from NI related Terrorism it is at SUBSTANTIAL (an attack is a strong possibility).

These threat levels are set by JTAC (Joint Terrorism Analysis Centre) which is a group made up of Security Services, Police and other partners working with information and intelligence to fully understand the threat to the UK.

The level has remained unchanged for International Terrorism since August 2014 (prompted by information surrounding British people being radicalised in camps in Syria and returning to the UK), and the more recent rise in threat levels from NI related Terrorism to SUBSTANTIAL was in May 2016.

The information and intelligence received and used by JTAC comes from a variety of sources, not least from the vigilance and proactivity of the public in reporting behaviour and activity that they feel is suspicious. This continues to be one of the UK’s greatest strengths in the battle against Terrorism. It may be noted that much of this success comes from the UK’s rich diversity of culture, race and religion and the willingness of this cross-section of groups to communicate their concerns and report them through proper channels promptly. The Government launched a new CT Awareness campaign on 6th March 2017: ACT (Action Counters Terrorism) www.gov.uk/ACT to assist in raising awareness and encouraging reporting of suspicious behaviour.

Anyone can access this website to gain a better understanding of how they can contribute to the effort of counter-terrorism. Any suspicious behaviour can also be reported to the Anti-Terror Hotline: 0800 789 321, and the key message is to urge people to have the confidence to report ANYTHING they feel is suspicious.

As a private Security provider and consulting group, we focus heavily on supporting the CONTEST Strategy with both existing clients and prospective ones. There is a particular energy centred on the PROTECT and PREPARE strands, where we deliver FREE Project Griffin events to industry and businesses (both existing clients and others). We regularly work with Counter Terrorism Security Advisers and Counter Terrorism Awareness Advisors on sensitive sites. Details on Project Griffin can be found at: http://www.gov.uk/government/organisations/national-counter-terrorism-security-office

Please contact us on the details below if you would like to know more about how DARDAN can deliver this and other services for you, using the details below.

Further to Project Griffin, and to complement the delivery, we can complete detailed Counter Terrorism Security Assessments, making recommendations and providing comprehensive and holistic security solutions, bespoke to the needs of companies, their sites or estate, individuals and indeed specific events. 

Regarding these consultancy practices: Protective Security Measures will be assessed against any imaginable threat and applied in layers around each individual/company or site and/or event and will be specific to the threat posed (based on up to date information and intelligence). Such threats will be under constant review. We provide testing and exercising which will support Business Continuity Plans, insurance requirements and safeguarding principles.
Furthermore, as part of our work at DARDAN, we are the Eastern Region hub for the CSSC (CrossSector Safety & Security Communications) group; a national body to facilitate the distribution of consistent messages of critical information and the flow of information and intelligence as a two-way process between Police, Security Services, National and local Government, Private Sector Companies and Industry Sector leads spanning all elements of society and business. Further information on CSSC can be found at: http://www.vocal.co.uk/cssc/

A final note: There will be an inevitable increase in activity on matters of security and associated measures at many sites, around specific people and notable events. It is important that every individual, company or event organiser maintains pace with any review and enhancement of security: Terrorism seeks to exploit weak links through hostile reconnaissance and detailed attack planning achieved via a variety of methods. DARDAN are well placed, and have relevant experience to work effectively with all bodies (both public and private sector) to ensure the safety and security of everyone in the UK or UK nationals living and working abroad.

For further information on any of the details described above, please contact us on 01603 732200 or enquiries@dardansecurity.co.uk


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