21 Feb 2019

Dardan’s Head of Commercial challenges new BSIA chief

Dardan Security's finance chief Alton Nutile has challenged the British Security Industry Association’s new chief executive Mike Reddington over the reputation of the security industry and its pay rates.

Like many businesses in the service sector, availability of labour and pay rates dictated by clients give rise to increasingly-challenging quality issues. Dardan wanted to know with whom the responsibility lies to change the security industry's perception of low pay rates. Is it the larger security companies who should cease the “race to the bottom” tactic in terms of forcing such low prices which only allow for low wages? Or is it the industry authority bodies themselves who should have more of an influence over the security sector at large, to convince customers of the “premium value” that the private security can bring to organisations, which would naturally come at a premium price?

Mike says it's a collective responsibility but that security companies like Dardan Security should continue to invest in their people regardless, to demonstrate value to end clients - so that the premium pay (and charge) rates can be justified. He did also acknowledge however that government-led initiatives will also help and that there is some work to be done in this area.

Dardan Security was invited as a "security industry influencer" to interview Mike Reddington by Infologue - the industry-leading journal for security news - and Alton posed his questions alongside Brendan Musgrove, managing director of Cordant, and Gemma Quirke, managing director of Wilson James.

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