Health, Safety & Environmental Policies

We are committed to going beyond general compliance with health and safety legislation to ensure the safety of our people and the people of our customers.

A key part of attracting and retaining the highest quality of staff is the assurance that they will work in an environment where they are given all the support they need to work safely, and support the safety of their colleagues.

We want our clients to have the confidence that our people will work safely, reducing incidents and accidents involving Dardan to an absolute minimum.

Our safety management system is accredited to British Standard ISO45001, with an in depth reporting process, supported by our cloud-based systems.

We are also committed to minimising our adverse affects on the environment in all activities and developing processes of work that provide a positive contribution to the environment of the future.

We recognise that as a people based service provider, our impact on the environment might be less than in other industries. However, we believe all organisations have a responsibility to minimise their negative impact. We actively promote energy conservation measures and investigate strategies to minimise our overall impact on the environment.

This commitment is evidenced through our ISO14001 accredited environmental management system, which certifies our efforts to limit our impact on the environment.