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The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) is responsible for welfare, pensions and child maintenance. It is the UK’s biggest public service department as it administers the State Pension and a range of working age disability and ill health benefits to around 20 million claimants.

One of the ways in which the DWP delivers their service is through the Jobcentre Plus (JCP). It is as a result of the Jobcentre Plus that the DWP can engage with individuals, helping them find employment and dealing with benefit enquiries.

The Requirements

The DWP is committed to providing advice and understanding the circumstances of those that require its services. Due to the sensitive nature of the conversations and enquiries within each Jobcentre Plus, employees and visitors need the assurance that they are within a safe and secure environment – something which a national provider such as Dardan is able to deliver.

The security measures required are twofold – protection of the people within the JCP and also the physical assets of the building.

The Peterborough branch of JCP had used the services of a large secure outsourcing company, but a site move from a sizeable complex into a local council-managed property prompted a re-think of it existing security provision.

This significant change necessitated, not only the management of the physical site relocation but also the new dynamics of working with Peterborough Council for their facilities.

Our Solutions

At Dardan, we tailor our security services to the needs of every organisation we work with. After consulting with the Peterborough JCP to understand the risks and challenges it faced, we outlined our commitment to delivering cost-effective and reliable security measures customised to its new office space. 

Dardan is experienced in working with local councils and could, therefore, give the reassurance of implementing effective security measures within this sector.

The site move called for well-defined logistics plans to ensure a smooth transition. Dardan supported the move by presenting a clear set of security solutions, detailing how these would adapt to and ultimately secure the JCP.

As a security provider with a presence in the local region, we were able to provide highly capable on-site guards with knowledge of the surrounding infrastructure.

The physical presence of Dardan’s Security Managers addressed security threats from the potentially volatile behaviour within the JCP. Forward planned 'monitored' meetings were put in place for potentially violent clients, managing the associated risk. Threats were also mitigated by a duress system, designed to facilitate a rapid response quickly and discreetly.

An experienced site Security Supervisor ensured a unified and reliable service, with each guard trained in de-escalation and safe restraint techniques. Dardan equipped guards with earpieces to allow inconspicuous and continuous communication.

Our large team of skilled security guards offered the facility to draft in additional officers as and when required, covering holidays and sickness, as opposed to the previous solution of non-trained staff being called upon.

Our Impact

The Peterborough JCP has successfully moved into its new facility and transitioned to Dardan safe in the knowledge that its requirements have been carefully considered and fulfilled by a team with expertise in council protocol and site management.

Dardan’s team of security personnel can be contacted at any time and there is frequent interaction with the JCP management to ensure all needs are met swiftly and effectively.

Leading technology solutions from Dardan have allowed the provision of high quality, accurate and, where required, detailed reporting on security measures.

If you're interested in how Dardan can help secure your business; providing your employees with further reassurance - whilst safeguarding your assets - get in touch today.

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