Market Gates Shopping Centre

Ashdown Phillips and Partners are a property management company based in East Sussex, they operate Market Gates Shopping Centre.

Market Gates is a shopping centre in Great Yarmouth administered by Ashdown Phlips, offering over 40 of the UK’s best stores under one roof; while benefiting from a secure on-site car park and nearby bus terminal. The centre was built in 1976, and has been enjoyed by both locals and visitors ever since.


During its opening hours, Dardan provide security for the Market Gates Shopping Centre, ensuring that the retail workers - and customers alike - can work and shop, safely and securely. The stationary and mobile security guards act as a visual deterrent to thieves and criminals making the shopping centre a much safer place, improving loss-prevention for all establishments contained.

If you're interested in how Dardan can help secure your business; providing your employees with further reassurance - whilst safeguarding your assets - get in touch today.


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