Mobile Security – What is it?

Dardan Security is on track to respond to over 10,000 alarms in 2019 and has a 25% faster alarm response time than the national average.

In 2019, most security companies offer some form of mobile security services.

Mobile security is a vital aspect in the effective safeguarding of businesses throughout the UK. With that being said, it’s clear that many people and businesses don’t understand what it is or what the benefits of the service are.

What Is Mobile Security?

Typically, the two core security solutions that an organisation may offer your business is a form of static manned guarding and mobile services. Each site’s requirements will vary, however these are the two fundamentals of any security provision.

Particular sites or areas will require 24 hour monitoring, such as Critical National Infrastructure or large, corporate organisations. In these cases, they will require constant manned guarding. These officers provide an effective visual deterrent and can effectively restrain and remove intruders.

Manned security officers can also offer a concierge and front of house service. This personal contact and customer experience is crucial for some clients. They are typically (as a minimum) first aid, health and safety and fire safety trained. This human contact point and customer experience is typically something that mobile security cannot offer.

Alternatively, mobile security involves dynamically patrolling larger areas and multiple sites in a specific region allocated to the officers.

Due to the scale of the patrols, mobile security officers will typically use vehicles to cover the ground during their working hours. The patrols include scheduled and random checks of specific premises and the effective monitoring of internal and external spaces, locking doors and windows, turning on security lights, setting alarms, etc.

Mobile patrols are in constant communication with a central control hub so that they are able to report any suspicious behaviour and respond to any security incidents in the fastest time possible.

An example of a typical internal and external mobile service is Dardan’s client, Barbraham Bioscience Technologies in Cambridge. The Babraham Research Campus is considered to be the UK’s leading campus to support early-stage bioscience enterprise and is home to the Babraham Institute and over 60 tenant life science companies occupying R&D facilities, a grade II listed building and biological support units.

Across all of the facilities there are close to 1200 staff, students and visitors on site at any one time. Dardan’s Mobile Security Officers received training on Good Laboratory Practices in order to assist with routine checks of the laboratories to ensure research equipment is functioning, stored properly and is at the correct temperature. Over the course of the contract, additional training modules have been introduced to further enhance security and safety on site.

Mobile security is typically combined with keyholding and alarm response services.

Essentially, officers will be able to access sites at unsociable hours, saving you time, travel and money. They will also give you and your employees access if the initial set of keys is lost.

On top of that, if your alarm sounds you can expect a rapid response to deal with the situation, with mobile officers often the first people to arrive at the incident. Dardan Security is on track to respond to over 10,000 alarms in 2019 and has a 25% faster alarm response time than the national average.

Mobile security services are an essential measure for safeguarding a variety of premises, on their own or in conjunction with manned guarding. Your premises should always be independently reviewed before you set any security measures in place. This process mitigates your security risks more efficiently and ensures you’re not acquiring unnecessary services. Dardan Security will evaluate your specific requirements before providing any security solution to leave you assured that your brand and assets will remain secured.