Security Remote Monitoring

Dardan has invested in a state of the art communications hub, based at our head office and manned 24/7.

Round-the-clock remote monitoring of your CCTV or alarm security system offers you invaluable peace of mind. It can operate 24 hours a day or just as you need it, such as at times of heightened risk. Your CCTV is manned by fully trained operatives ready to deal with any on-site activations.

The communications hub is the epicentre for our monitoring operations, manned by fully trained and Security Industry Authority ("SIA") licenced CCTV operatives, who will be on hand to deal with any activations on your site. The hub contains a dedicated IP computer and control network, multiple wall mounted plasma screens and desk mounted operator monitors, with the ability to:

  • Coordinate the installation of IP links to client’s premises
  • Manage on-site emergencies and incidents
  • Monitor and control client’s CCTV
  • Monitor and control clients access control and intercom systems
  • Provide exception reporting – automatic generation of alarms when detectors are triggered on site.

What happens when a detector is activated

If a detector of an armed system is activated, the control room operator will acknowledge the alarm.

The live video stream from the site allows the operator to identify what triggered the alarm and to take the necessary course of action.

This could be to issue an audio warning to warn intruders or send out a patrol vehicle. We have a modern fleet of response vehicles, meaning we are perfectly placed to respond quickly to alarms, vandalism or burglary. In the event of a serious threat, the control room's role could be to co-ordinate police response and other emergency services.

If a malicious incident occurs, a full report is issued to support any court proceedings you may wish to pursue.


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