Security Consultancy

In today’s world of rapidly evolving security threats and challenges, the perception of how we live and carry out business has changed dramatically and the reality is that these risks cannot be ignored.

The damage that these threats can cause to reputations and assets, if realised, can be immeasurable. We apply our industry knowledge, expertise and insight into emerging trends in risk management, intelligence and technology to formulate and implement solutions with and for our clients. This means we can identify and can get to grips with any sort of security threat or challenge to an organisation, providing expert advice and expert advice, professional support and reactive response.

Our strategy is focused on helping clients improve their resilience, ensuring they are prepared to tackle emerging threats and react quickly and correctly in the event that these threats materialise.

Increasingly, we are providing our clients with end-to-end security consultancy solutions that combine our expertise in risk management, intelligence cycles and the application of security technology:

  • Holistic security reviews considering all aspects relating to physical measures, people, processes and systems set against a context of threat, vulnerability and risk specific to your environment.
  • Experience of setting up everything from penetration testing to conducting technical sweeps.
  • Strategic business continuity and resilience pre-planning and implementation services
  • Corporate due diligence and risk analysis.
  • Corporate executive protection, as well as real-time intelligence and professional advice in for staff operating in high-risk locations.
  • Pre employment security screening including identification verification system
  • Dardan acts as a Regional Hub for Cross-sector Safety and Security Communications (CSSC), providing close links with all enforcement agencies.
  • Controlled substance detection.

If you want to help Dardan provide expert security services, you can view our current list of security jobs here.


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