Security Alarms and Access Control

Often the sound of an alarm is enough to deter a criminal, so intruder alarms can be a cost-effective way to secure a site.

Our intruder alarms are professionally installed, maintained and monitored to suit the individual security needs of your business.

Prior to installation of an alarm or access control system

We carry out a rigorous survey to develop an optimised understanding of what security measures to implement. We take into account your location, business sector and perception of risk.

Our aim is to ensure that your business is protected at all times; so we only supply highly qualified technicians to install the alarms. They will also educate your staff about how to use the new equipment before completing a final quality assurance check.

All of our intruder alarms comply with the strict European Standard for Intruder Alarms, giving you additional peace of mind.

Installation of intruder alarms

Our team, working in partnership with your business, will determine the correct choice of intruder alarm for your premises. This may include:

  • Wired or wireless PIRs
  • Use of key fobs with the backup of alarm codes
  • Messaging to your mobile phone on activation of your alarm
  • Simple to use, audible-only systems
  • Automated dialling systems
  • Range of police response systems
  • Insurance approved and graded systems
  • Dual Path Signalling
  • Systems that can be controlled by a mobile app
  • Maintenance of intruder alarms

In accordance with current European and ACPO policy, you need to have any intruder alarm with audible response serviced once annually, to ensure it’s compliant and operating correctly

Installation of fire alarms

Having integrated fire and security systems under one provider also makes things more cost-effective and easier to manage. Fire can kill so we take fire security seriously and only install fire safety systems that are effective and robust. Whether you need a new fire detection system or improvement to an existing one, we can help.

Our high-quality, insurance-compliant fire detection systems give complete protection for all types of commercial environments, from small offices to large factories.

So many factors can impact the effectiveness of a fire safety system. Different buildings have different risk areas and different airflow, so each fire system we install will be tailored to your business and property. We install manual call points, fire alarm sounders and beacons, heat detectors, smoke detectors, fire doors, emergency lighting, fire alarm signage, sprinkler systems and carbon monoxide detectors. All equipment we install complies to the latest European Standards, and is fitted and tested by our Security Systems and Alarms Inspection Board ("SSAIB") qualified engineers.

Installation of access control systems

Know who is in your premises at all times, while preventing others - whether they are employees or not - from accessing areas they shouldn’t. Access control can particularly help businesses with a number of entrances and exits - such are warehouses, factories or large offices spread out across several locations. Dardan Security offer door intercom systems, swipe cards and tag systems, video entry systems, audio entry systems, key lock systems, multi-door access and biometric systems (admittance via facial or fingerprint recognition).

The majority of these systems can be monitored from our 24-hour control room monitoring centre.


If you want to be part of our professional network of security staff, you can view our current list of security jobs here.


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