Security Intelligence


A strong intelligence picture, presented in the right way is the key to sound decision making in the mitigation of risk, and the promotion of Security measures that are designed to meet the demand presented.

To fully understand the risk to any organisation, we must understand the intelligence picture that gives us the threat and vulnerability content and context. Such Intelligence allows us to make informed judgements on Risk Assessment and working strategies to address these risks. Based on this we will work to prescribed policies, procedures or powers, or indeed address gaps identified in them with a view to overcoming shortfalls. With all of this in mind Options and Contingencies can be developed, where Action will be taken thereafter and a thorough review of the effectiveness of this Action / these Actions will take place. At this point the fresh intelligence picture is reviewed and re-evaluated.

This can be applied to fast moving critical incidents, long term and persistent challenges and problem solving. It is based on the model used by multiple agencies working together to manage a variety of situations and is known commonly as the ‘Joint Decision Model’. The critical piece and the starting point of this entire approach is INFORMATION & INTELLIGENCE.

Our team of analysts work by using ethical methods, on open source systems to obtain Information and Intelligence in order to continually develop and review the Threat, Vulnerability and therefore Risk picture to you, your organisation or your event. This can be as an individual review in response to a specific concern or indeed as a regularly commissioned package, to continually review and reassess this critical intelligence picture.

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