Our Technologies

Our 24/7 communications hub acts as our intelligence centre, leveraging our network of intelligence specialists to provide real time reporting tailored to your culture, requirements and global activities.

Whether you require daily, weekly or quarterly assessments, our intelligence reporting will fit neatly into how your organisation works. From pre-travel security briefings to high-level security screening and the tracking and protection of your people in high-risk environments, we offer a holistic and technical approach and intelligence solutions.

The hub provides our on site staff, management teams and clients with critical support, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. It is much, much more than just a contact point for our staff. The hub provides critical support to every part of our operations, equipped with leading-edge hardware and software and driving technology-led solutions throughout our portfolio.

  • Handling over 7,000 calls a week
  • Centralised nationwide support
  • GPS tracking of vehicles, people and assets to the nearest 40 cm
  • Incident management support
  • Short notice manning support
  • Intelligence support 

The 21st Century has brought countless technological innovations, and there is no doubt that they have had a dramatic impact on the way business is conducted globally. We have embraced this change, investing heavily in empowering technologies designed to add real value to our solutions.

Real time resource management

Our resource management system ensures a quick, efficient method of determining which people to deploy, in the event of staff sickness or absence.

The system provides our management teams with access to staff records, schedule data, assignment details, incident reports and training levels, ensuring they are perfectly placed to identify staff with the right expertise and demeanour to fit seamlessly into the culture of our clients.

Cloud based reporting

Our cloud based reporting system can be accessed either with or without data coverage and can run through Wi-Fi or mobile data cards.  

By utilising the system, officers have immediate access to appropriate instructions, assisted by a decision tree which will take them through every stage of a situation ensuring best practice is always followed.

Threat based intelligence

We can deliver daily, weekly and quarterly threat based intelligence assessments to suit how and when you need to be informed. This might focus on anything from specific threat assessments focused on Single Issue Extremism to briefing employees conducting business in high-risk environments.

Thinking outside the box

We always want to find the most effective solutions to our client’s requirements, no matter how “off the wall” they may be. Our management teams spend time and energy investigating original ways of delivering a best in class service. 


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