Peel Ports

As one of the UK’s largest port operators, Peel Ports, has been focused on delivering transport and handling solutions for over 300 years.

The Peel Ports Group has 7 ports around the country and works with both national and international companies. Their services are designed to maximise the efficiency of the supply chain process and include container depot services, container shipping and logistics, cruise services, marine services and offshore solutions.

Their vision is to create secure, sustainable environments where people and businesses can flourish.

The Requirements

Peel Ports Great Yarmouth is a modern multi-purpose port, with a new deep-water outer harbour and an established river port. The site is hugely experienced in handling supplies for the offshore, renewable, decommissioning, agri-bulk and aggregates markets. 

With the facility to accommodate large vessels, it recently disembarked goods from the largest ship in the world, port-side storage and services, Peel Ports Great Yarmouth requires absolute confidence in its on-site security.

The unique position of the port demands complete oversight of its geography and facility infrastructure. Highly trained security officers are needed, each one with a commitment to gaining a thorough knowledge of the site’s workings and requirements – ensuring Great Yarmouth’s position as one of the most secure port environments in the UK.

Our Solutions

Dardan has over 40 years’ experience in delivering security solutions within diverse and challenging environments and for high security and CPNI (Centre for the Protection of National Infrastructure) sites.

Dardan’s highly trained and knowledgeable security officers provided 24/7 manned guarding for Peel Ports, Great Yarmouth.

Security guards work with each of Dardan’s clients for significant periods and develop an instinctive understanding of the location, processes and standards set out for that particular business. At Great Yarmouth, guards attained in-depth knowledge of the port’s structure, providing a level of security consistent with the highest expectations of the industry.

The implementation of Dardan’s real-time reporting system, PRIME, offered huge process and efficiency savings for the port. PRIME is an information management tool that is tailored to the client’s requirements and allows for the setting up of site-specific tasks to be completed on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Checks enabled through PRIME included fence inspections and fire extinguisher tests, these linked automatically to a form completed by a Dardan officer.

A bespoke training plan was employed for Great Yarmouth to ensure officers were fully equipped to handle any potential incident, including Counter Terrorism and Port Security.

Our Impact

Great Yarmouth has employed Dardan’s services since 2012, and specifically Peel Ports from 2015. Dardan provides established security service, with reliable manned guards that are fully conversant with the port’s layout and processes and remain committed to upholding the exceptional levels of security required. Clients using the Great Yarmouth port have confidence in the safety and security of their assets.

Security guards are fully supported by Dardan’s 24/7 state of the art communications hub. CCTV is manned by trained operatives ready to deal with any on-site activations.

Dardan prepares monthly management reports, KPI meetings, compliance audits and satisfaction surveys to make sure Peel Ports has the professional support it requires. By keeping ahead of industry knowledge and emerging trends in risk management, Dardan works together with Peel Ports to review security measures and improve resilience into the future. So much so, that recently Dardan were further awarded the contract at Peel Port's London port at the mouth of the river Thames, in Medway in Kent - further solidifying our working relationship with our customer.

If you're interested in how Dardan can help secure your business; providing your employees with further reassurance - whilst safeguarding your assets - get in touch today.

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