This leading global silo manufacturer has a vast site on an industrial estate with multiple entrances. 

Anybody could potentially access those many entrances, so Permastore wanted a flexible access control system that integrated with their different doors types, with installation of suitable locks to ensure complete security.

The Client

Permastore is a leading dedicated Glass-Fused-to-Steel tank & silo manufacturer. Permastore’s bolted storage tanks supply the municipal, industrial, agricultural, mining and biofuel sectors and go around the world. The company has supplied over 300,000 of its structures across 110 countries.

The company's base is situated within an industrial estate, and has multiple buildings spread across a vast area. There are over 100 staff on site who move between various buildings on a day-to-day basis.

The Brief

Permastore needed a system that could reduce risk of theft, meet health and safety requirements and improve people management of staff and visitors. A big concern was the site’s vulnerability and the fact anyone off the street could walk into any of its buildings.

The company wanted to restrict access to its buildings only for staff and authorised personnel. It also wanted to be able to identify where staff are located in the event of an emergency.

The proposed solution also needed to comply with building and fire regulations and integrate access control with the fire alarm system, so the doors unlock when the fire alarms sounds.

The Solution

We took an initial site survey to see how to tailor the system to the clients’ needs and the site’s unique infrastructure - different building types and ages, plus a wide variety of doors made from plastic, metal, wooden and glass.

We installed a Paxton Net2 access control system (Dardan Security is a silver accredited Paxton installer), which is British made, extremely reliable and user friendly. The technical support is one of the best in the industry. Paxton offers a range of access methods, including key fobs, swipe cards, watch sensors and belt proxtags for long range readers, which are good in a warehouse scenario.

One challenge we overcame at Permastore was securing a set of existing double doors that swung both ways. So we locked off one of doors, and put in a stop so we could install a single electronic door release.

We also changed our solution on access at reception during installation, due to slip trunking not being available as thought, showing how our engineers are flexible and responsive on the job.

Working on an operational site, we adhere to strict health and safety rules and run a risk assessment upon arrival. We work around the client to ensure minimum disruption, cordoning off areas and putting up warning signs.

The Outcome

Now Permastore has a user-friendly access control system with the ability to grant different access rights and restrict certain personnel to certain buildings.

When a person comes up to an electronic door, which is locked, they present a fob to get in before the door closes automatically behind them. The system's software also registers that access information in a database.

With the access control integrated to the fire alarm system, it automatically generates reports sent to printers or handheld devices as programmed when the alarm activates. So all personnel are accounted for and kept safe in case of fire.