Road Safety Week 2019

Dardan Security will be supporting Road Safety Week from the 18th to the 24th November 2019. Co-ordinated by BRAKE, the road safety charity the aim is to promote the behaviour of road users and people, promoting safe driving, cycling and walking on the streets. Every day next week, we will promote a fact sheet and interactive content on our news feeds.

To start, we are asking our amazing employees to put their name forward to complete an online driver risk profile course. The challenge is the boast that you are the person who holds the ‘lowest risk’ within Dardan Security. Both drivers and non drivers will be taking part to complete a 20 minute online course before the 22nd November. The winner will get the Road Safety week bragging rights at Dardan and will be retain these rights unitl 2020. They can keep our clients and the general public confident we are always thinking of their safety first when we are patrolling sites and on public roads.