Andy Foster


Andy believes in a people first approach whilst promoting a culture that acknowledges the value of positive change, integrity, and motivation. Understanding that conveying the vision and direction of both the company and his teams go a long way to ensuring that objectives are synced both with his people and the company itself. Empowering his managers to have equal opportunity and to analyse objectively the risks in decision making, understanding that those day to day operational decisions, have substantial impact on the strategy across organisations.

His approach extends not just to his own people but also with his clients, believing above all, the value of building strong and transparent relationships.

Following a successful 23 year career working within HM Prison Service culminating in a position of Senior Manager, Andy joined Dardan Security in April 2014 as Operations and Support Services Manager, tasked with ensuring our operational teams and our clients receive the maximum benefit from our support systems.

Following a successful 12-month period, Andy was promoted to Head of Support Services in June 2015 and held overall responsibility for our mobile patrol, keyholding and response services.

As of April 2018 Andy was appointed Head of Operations and Support Services, as well as continuing to have overall responsibility for Patrol and Response and Support Services, which includes our 24/7 Control Room and Resource and Planning teams, Andy also assumes responsibility for all contracts within all other business sectors.

As of February 2020, Andy was appointed to the board of Directors and now has overall responsibility over Mobile Services, IT and Security Operations.

On a personal note, Andy is a keen golfer and an avid supported and season ticket holder for Norwich City Football Club.

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