Paul Maskall

IT and Security Operations Manager

Paul’s personal mission is to improve your relationship with technology. Passionate about protecting people and businesses on and offline, he believes strongly in combining applied psychology, security, and effective communication to improve security culture, both for individuals and organisations.

Joining Norfolk Constabulary in late 2011, Paul spent just under 4 years working as an intelligence officer and researcher in both police intelligence and counter terrorism. In 2015, Paul found a new way to apply his passions as the Cyber Security Adviser for both Norfolk and Suffolk Police in the then, newly created Joint Cyber crime Unit.

Specialising in cyber security, Inter-generational digital safeguarding, and the psychology of technology, having left the police in 2017, Paul spent time as a trainer for law enforcement, government and private sector in digital investigation and cyber crime. Leading him to launch his own independent consultancy in cyber security and digital wellbeing, concentrating on both the security and mental health linked to the prevalence of technology.

Paul joined Dardan Security in September 2019 with two main objectives. To engage and assist clients with technological change, training, and security consultancy, but to also lead an internal digital transformation with the adoption of new technologies and systems.

A regular technology contributor to BBC Radio and lecturer on cyber psychology, Paul loves public speaking, is an avid computer enthusiast and enjoys high intensity interval training, weight training and all manner of fitness.


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