Richard Laws

Operations Manager (Static)

Richard is a strong advocate of empowering staff and managers alike to ensure a quality service is delivered to clients. His motto is “always striving for proficiency; never settling on competency”

As a Senior Manager within the company, Richard always seeks to link the Strategic vision of Dardan, with the operational running of the company. Key to this is building strong relationships with all facets of the company from Human Resources to the Financial Department.

Richard understands the importance of building partnerships with clients and third parties within the security industry and actively encourage all managers to communicate in an open and honest manner.

Prior to joining Dardan in October 2018 Richard enjoyed a 21-year career within the Police Service. Starting with the Suffolk Constabulary as a 19-year-old probationer, he moved to the Caribbean in late 2003, rising to the position of Chief Firearms Officer for the Royal Cayman Island Police Service.

During the later years abroad, Richard was heavily involved in Command training and became a valued Strategic Adviser to the Commissioner, Foreign Commonwealth Office and Overseas Territories.

On joining Dardan Richard led the delivery of specialist contracts within the Energy, Maritime and Aviation sectors. In February 2020 his portfolio was expanded, taking over responsibility for all provision of static services outside of London.

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