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David Leonard gives us his insight into his recent CIPD Level 5 Qualification

Dardan are thrilled to share the recent news that our Head of Client Services, David Leonard and our Head of Human Resources, Rita Golovina have both recently completed a CIPD Level 5 in People Management.

Both David and Rita have critical roles in our business when it comes to our People Agenda so these qualifications go one step further towards us gaining a deeper understanding of the professional behaviours that lead to organisational success.

Through this course, David and Rita would study 3 core units + 3 specialist units + the choice of 1 optional unit. Our Head of Communication, Lindsay Batoryk, spent some time with David to get feedback upon completing the course.

What exactly is the course and what made you apply?

CIPD Associate Diploma qualifications are classed as Level 5 qualifications, meaning they’re roughly equivalent in difficulty to a foundation degree in HR practice, where you can specialise in a people related discipline. Both Rita and I have completed a level 5 in People Management. We started in October 2020, but you are given 15 months to complete.

Dardan offered us the opportunity to pursue this as part of an overarching determination that as leaders of people in a people-industry, we should be proficient in that role. Rita and I now hold the highest HR Qualifications in our business, while other Operational Managers and Contract Managers have been offered the opportunity to complete level 3 qualifications, as well as ACAS training.

What did you enjoy most about doing it?

For me it was the sense of achievement and the validation of years of core knowledge I have developed through managing people, leading/designing change programmes, and otherwise operating as an HR professional in all but name. Critically, it is the highest-level qualification I have ever completed, and it has been several years since I last engaged in anything academic.

What was the biggest challenge?

Time and scholastic ability. All work was undertaken in our own time. Compiling 4000 to 5000-word bodies of work when out of practice and not being particularly strong academically was extremely challenging, often done late at night and early mornings over the weekends, whilst balancing the role of parent and spouse.

What’s next?

Well first and foremost, give my brain a rest! But seriously, I will complete my IOSH next and would like to look at completing my level 7 in Learning and Development.

This industry places a great amount of value in the men and women who work in the industry being both passionate and knowledgeable about risk and security, however not until working for Dardan have I worked for a security company that has recognised that our chief commodity is our people and that in professionalising managers, you make them better leaders, who ultimately enable their teams to succeed.