About Us

Protecting Brands and Reputations for Over 50 Years

Privately owned and formed back in 1973, Dardan Security retains the unique flexibility to react to both our clients needs, but also to the new threats, risks and technologies we have seen change dramatically. We have grown, developed and created an incredible team of specialists and professionals to provide an evidence-based and holistic service.

Over the years, Dardan Security has enjoyed organic and sustainable growth which is reflective of one of our core beliefs; to build impeccable relationships with our clients. Delivering on not just your requirements, but to discover more about your culture and add value to the service we provide to you.  This theme under pins every single part of our company, whether it is making that first impression through our Front of House team, or providing that assurance and peace of mind via physical security.

We also strongly believe in working with and retaining clients that are also commensurate with our own values and ideology. As a client you have access to every level of our organisation, from your Security Officer on the ground, through to our board of Directors, so that relationship is crucial to us.