Dardan are seen and heard on Hi! Visibility Day

On Thursday 30th September, The City Security Council (CSC) held their second Hi! Visibility day in collaboration with City of London Police (CoLP). 

City of London Police Officers and frontline security personnel based within the Square Mile, came together to remind the public that as lockdown restrictions continue to ease, we are still here.

At Dardan, we wanted to put huge emphasis on the ‘power of hello’ as more and more of us return to the city either for work or just visiting. The power of hello has huge impact in making people feel safe and deterring would-be criminals.

This is a simple process, as we patrol and are present around our various contracts, we concentrate on three key messages to those around us:

• Keep your personal possessions close
• Be aware of your surroundings when looking at your phone
• We’re here to help you, if you need anything, just ask

All of these demonstrate our presence, alertness, and customer service. To any hostiles in the area, this is a MASSIVE

Chief Inspector Christopher Hay, City of London Police, said:

“As lockdown restrictions ease, it is understandable that people will want to regain a semblance of normality.  Whether this is through returning to the office, going shopping, engaging in leisure activities or meeting friends at one of the City’s many hospitality venues, it is important to remain vigilant, so as not to fall foul of criminals. 

“Over the last month, as we have all been able to get out and about and do more with our free time, City of London Police has seen a spike in instances of opportunistic thefts of items such as phones and bikes. The threat of terrorism in the UK is also still assessed as ‘substantial’, meaning that an attack is likely, but working together is the best way to combat this.

“Yesterday, teams of officers from across our force took to the streets to speak to residents, workers and visitors about the best ways to protect themselves, and their loved ones, whilst enjoying all that the City has to offer. Policing tactics are most effective when we work in partnership with our communities, so please come and speak to us to find out how we can all work together to keep our City safe.”