Risk Forecast 2023

The ongoing threat from COVID-19, the continuing war in Ukraine, climate change, and a looming global recession are having myriad impacts on people and businesses, both physically and psychologically.

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Organisations have dispersed and streamlined for survival, and supply chains continue to be vulnerable to disruption. Strong leadership, agile planning, and clear communication have never been more vital.

Adaptive organisations that challenge pre-existing assumptions and put robust contingency plans in place are proving more resilient to volatility. With a flexible approach, they’re able to review their structures, principles, and processes; find order in the chaos; and withstand the shock of emerging crises.

We encourage all organisations to ensure they have an overarching vision running through the business – and that everyone knows what their role is and feels empowered to achieve it. Working together in partnership, with mutual trust, respect, and accountability, will serve organisations well as we navigate our journey through 2023.