Altos Labs 

At the forefront of biotechnology, Altos Labs has successfully brought together world leading, award winning scientists, clinicians and leaders. Their mission: to restore cell health and resilience through cellular rejuvenation in order to reverse disease, injury and life changing disabilities.

The Meeting

Dardan’s partnership with Altos began in April 2022, over a coffee and meeting of minds between Chris Espinosa (Global Head of Security, Altos Labs) and Andy Buxton (Strategic Operations and Planning Director, Dardan). It was clear the two companies could work in harmony, based on a shared understanding of values, culture and professionalism. The timelines for mobilisation were tight, but the intent and direction of travel were clear. The Altos Labs facility on Granta Park, although still under construction, would open quickly and their incredibly important research would commence immediately. The challenge for Dardan was to recruit a professionally motivated, culturally diverse team, possessing the character, skills and attributes to nest into the Altos Labs culture through demonstrating the values, standards, and ethos discussed by Chris and Andy in that first meeting.

Our Approach

Moving quickly, whilst surging to leverage our local and regional knowledge, the Dardan team focused our expertise on identifying the right people for the right roles. The news and excitement of this opportunity spread quickly and, together with external applicants, we received several internal contenders. Within days the process of onboarding officers had begun.

Shared Values

From the outset it was apparent that the security operating environment should be designed to be inclusive, supportive and consistent with the values of Altos Labs. Therefore, establishing core principles and articulating the specific requirements for our security team was crucial. Our onsite Security Manager began the process of building and nurturing a culture of ownership, creating a team identity and striving for continuous improvement across all aspects of the service, ensuring Altos personnel, their partners and visitors remain safe. As the Altos Labs doors opened, we were in-place with the framework of a team ready for the science to begin. Over the coming days and weeks, further refinement of the team continued and soon a highly motivated, professional and tuned-in team were in-place. Key to this was equipping the team with the skills and technology to deliver an exceptional guest experience whilst protecting Altos’ physical and intellectual assets. The Dardan team continue to achieve this with the support of the partnership, by inspiring people to go beyond the expected and getting immersed in the business of our partner. We listen carefully to feedback, evaluate comments and observations and where necessary respond rapidly, to ensure our security model remains on the right developmental trajectory.

Our Impact

Dardan are immensely proud to be in a true partnership with an organisation whose research will reimagine medical treatments, transforming medicine by reversing patients’ diseases. Our partnership is genuine, thanks to transparency, a shared ethos, and being built on trust and maintaining great communication, always.

Our relationship with Altos Labs is a fine example of the word ‘partnership’, we could not have asked for more!